Several of my posts are themed journals. They're intended as a series on the same subject that if read in order form a loose guide of sorts. For ease of reading this page lists these journals in chronological order.

The Basics:
               Black Lion 101
               Making your seed money
               Learning to flip items

Levelling Crafting the Profitable Way:
           (first published on GW2-Market's forums)
               Part One: Starting Out.
               Part Two: Building on your base & renown recipes.
               Part Three: Facing slowed progress & flipping undercutters.
               Part Four: Immediate easy profit.
               Part Five: Crafters love karma & vendor selling for profit.  
               Part Six: Reaching the halfway point.

But I don't have much time...:
          (Ways to make money with only small time investments)
               Part One: Salvaging for Ectos  
               Part Two: Reliable Markets

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