What is Golden Griffon Trading?

The Golden Griffon is a one player (and her army of characters) guild on the Piken Square server of Guild Wars 2. It's a loose RP concept but also home to trying out various marketing strategies.

While I have very little experience in any form of market trading, be it real or in MMOs I've really taken to learning different approaches and I thought it would be fun to share my experiences, the ups and the downs, in the quest for more gold. Playing the market can seem a little daunting at first but I'm here to show anyone can do it, why should all the profit be left to people who are lucky enough to be fantastic with numbers?

Meet the staff:
(aka look at some of my characters!)

Amber Cunningham.
Amber sources materials in interesting ways. Or, to put it bluntly, she's a bandit. More often than not she's the one in the gang sent to fence items, getting the best price for them and then skimming a little off of the top for herself. She firmly believes she should be in charge of anything she gets involved in but things have a habit of not working out that way.

As a part of Golden Griffon she's been put to work researching the potential profits a novice craftsperson can make. Read more about that in my Levelling Crafting the Profitable Way journal.


Enforcer of the Golden Griffon and the girl sent out to pick up stock from riskier parts of Tyria. Little is known about the quiet Cefrey other than the fact she's always been reliable and is rarely seen without her twinned axes.

As a capable warrior Cefrey is the staff member of choice when reviewing guides on farming and similar topics.

The Interns:
The Interns are characters that won't be with me for long, they're mostly created to re-experience low-level content and to test if various guides/tips really do work for new characters.

Excitable Asuran explorer who, along with her pet Beaky, was sent by Golden Griffon out into the wilds of Metrica Province to show that any new adventurer can earn seed money for investment.

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