IC Journals

These are journals written from the viewpoints of my characters. I hope to mix a characterful look at the game world with a brief summary of how I've been getting on by approaching the game in a slightly different way for each character.

Francis Hawkins. 
The Character: Francis is a recently disowned young nobleman. After one too many 'youthful indiscretions' he was sent out into Tyria to (hopefully) learn the real value of things. 
The Idea: I love approaching games from different angles so my first idea for a character for a journal was for a pacifist. As there are so many ways to earn XP ingame Francis will be levelling up without killing a single enemy. 
The Journals:
     On my own.
     From Nobleman to Farmhand 
     The 'Beauty' of Nature. 
     Good Intentions, Bad Weather. 
     A Spiritual Journey.

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