Friday, 15 February 2013

Dailies make me a manipulative cow

What dailies do to me.

I have to admit that in a lot of ways I am a very lazy player, the daily achievements are easy enough to do yet still I don't get them done every day I'm on, there's always items to flip or RP to be had and I'm easily swayed by these distractions.

When I do get around around to my daily achievements I've noticed that some of the new tasks they've added changes my behaviour while playing as I try to get my 100% as quickly as possible. The first big change is the days 'Daily Healer' crops up.

See those fine upstanding villagers getting savaged by a wolf? Ordinarily I'd be all over that, saving the day and whatnot like a good adventurer. But today is Daily Healer day, I need to revive some people so I stand twiddling my thumbs, orchestrating their downfall.

After they fall prone I sweep in, fight the bad guys (or if I'm especially lazy I let my hounds of Balthazar do it) and tend to the poor peoples wounds. They hop up, cheer and thank me, I'm a hero!

Stopping to help injured people as you pass them is a great idea for a daily task, unfortunately wanting to be quick makes me a bit of a manipulative cow. Okay a lot of a cow on the days I trail mobs into an NPC to get that final revive..

I'd like to say I'd change my ways, that I'll put in a few more minutes to find already downed NPCs or players and help them out, but I probably won't!

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