Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Francis' Journal: From Nobleman to Farmhand

At first I thought it had been a nightmare, that I'd drunk too much and passed out again. Waking up on the floor is far from a new experience but the cold old wooden boards were a far cry from the plush carpets of home. The priest, Tristan, far surpasses my expectations of a devotee of Dwayna, he somehow managed to make a meager, but surprisingly flavoursome breakfast for everyone currently in his care. I must speak to father about making a donation of some sort when I'm allowed back home, it would certainly make the family look good at least.

Tristan suggested that if  I need money or a place to stay that I ask around the local farmsteads, that they're always looking for extra help. My heart sank, it struck home quite how far I've fallen, I'm just going to have to accept I'm going to have to get my hands, and my darling coat, dirty.

It all started out simple enough, feeding cows and watering plants, tiring work but not overly complicated. Then, out of nowhere bandits attack! They fired pistols at people and set fire to the hay.. I still have no idea why they set fire to the hay, how is that something that would earn them money? And I wasn't going to question them either, it was utterly terrifying. I did (literally) fall over a poor Seraph guard who'd been shot and with his help got him bandaged up enough that he could go see Tristan.

I assured myself that the excitement for the day was over as I sat and had my lunch with the farmers and was asked to go help at Eda's orchard. Apple picking seemed simple enough, at least it would keep me out of the sun and I'd already heard that Eda is lovely (if overburdened with an excess of suitors after the death of her husband)

Before I set out into the orchard I was warned about spiders. I shuddered a little as usually the staff would take care of things like that but I was confident I could handle a few tiny bugs. Tiny bugs was far removed from what I found, those spiders were the size of the Drakehound Amber had when we were little! Needless to say it was not a relaxing afternoon, though Eda's apple pie does live up to it's reputation.

Tomorrow the good people of Shaemoor have suggested that I help at the Moa ranch or with the fishing. I'm not sure which I'll do and I'm too exhausted to decide, perhaps it will be easier in the morning.

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