Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Where's Francis?

You may have noticed that I've been a little quiet lately. I had been doing daily content and I'd planned to keep that up. However I recently got news of a death in my family and it's knocked my enthusiasm. I plan to get back to more frequent content when things improve a little.

My greatest regret in this is that it means there'll be no post from Francis today. What I can offer however is a brief OOC account of how he's doing;

Francis is still a coward, he's been running away from things a lot. He's explored Shaemoor and the nearby farms, picking apples, feeding cows, saving bunnies and fleeing bandits. The new daily achievement system is suiting him just fine as before he could only do the gathering part of the daily, now he can do things like dodging the people trying to hit him for some extra XP!

I've realised I should have picked a class that has buffs as utilities to get participation in events, but it's too late now, I like him as he is. Besides, it just makes things more challenging.

As for progression; with only a little play he's now level 6 is up to silver coins in his back pocket and I haven't even started any crafting yet.

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