Friday, 25 January 2013

Looking forward to Monday.

Monday brings a new patch, the Flame & Frost Prelude. I could do a summary of the content that's to come but instead I shall point you to The Egg Baron's post as that has everything all neatly laid out! My post is just a personal look at the patch beforehand and I plan to do one after to see if it lives up to expectations.

Story Progression.
I love GW2's story, I've just been slow in following it, favouring alts and experiencing as many of the early personal story arcs as I can so I'm a little (a lot) behind the curve on the overall story. I'm sure one day I'll get to level 80 and have seen and experienced more, but I'm taking my time savouring it.

The fact that the world keeps evolving, that things change and develop makes it so much easier to invest in the game. I'm already curious to see hints of whats to come in the future with this prelude involving the Norn and Charr.

New Daily Achievement System.
As someone who used to go nuts chasing down innocent bunnies and obscure underwater fish just to get the 'kill variety' part of the daily done I'm looking forward to seeing changes in the daily achievement system. Seeing some variety in objectives for the day would make me more inclined to do my daily rather than putting it off to play with the market or roleplay!

As the daily and monthly will be giving a new currency, laurels, I can forsee a lot of my time going towards completing them and it ending in me pulling my hair out as I try to decide between buying something useful and buying pretty cosmetic things!

I'll also be intrigued to see what effects this system will have on the prices of dyes (both identified and unidentified) as screenshots of the system have shown unidentified dyes as one of the rewards.

New Gem Store Items.
It's almost like they know I spent all of my gems about a week ago and don't have the RL funds to buy any more! While the quaggan backpack is utterly adorable I don't think any of my characters will be wanting it so that's a relief at least. I'm just waiting to see what other items end up in the store and if I'm going to have to cut into my banked gold to get some shiny new things. (I'm never going to get that Golden title!)

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