Thursday, 24 January 2013

Levelling Crafting the Profitable Way, Part 5

Continued from my previous 'Levelling Crafting the Profitable Way' journals.

Crafters love karma. While working away at my crafting today I got annoyed at myself for doing this project as a starter character. My meager starting funds had been painful but the blow I was dealt today was down to lack of karma:

These are items I could make at my current crafting level in Jeweler, lovely profit to be made all around. Unfortunately these recipes all require Embellished Intricate Jewels, the recipes for these can be bought with karma from your master craftsman.

I decided to stick with my original idea to show that anyone can do this and scrolled down (and down) the list of profit-worthy items and got to here:

A couple of these don't need Embellished Intricate Jewels so there is still profit to be made in this level range, just less of it! Of course I could run out and do an event or two and get some karma to buy one of the recipes but I'd rather show that you don't need to run content to make money and level your crafting discipline. Though going out into the wider world will of course augment your earnings, earning karma allows you to buy recipes and picking up resources from nodes is cheaper than buying them outright on the trading post.

Another Tip! When looking at crafting it's sometimes worthwhile checking the vendor price of what you're about to make. Take this necklace for example:

If I make this amulet for 1s 19c I'd make a loss when it came to selling on the Trading Post. However, the vendor price for one of these is 1s 36c. Selling to a vendor bypasses the fees involved in the trading post so I have the potential to make 17c per amulet for as long as I can keep crafting amulets at 1s 19c or less!

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