Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Francis' Journal: On my own

My name is Francis, I'm twenty years old and up until yesterday I was the youngest son of a prominent noble family. I realise I haven't been a shining exemplar, the sort of child that my parents would be proud to show off to their high-society friends but I really don't think I deserved to be disowned. Yes, in hindsight the rather.. compromising.. position father and his associates found me in likely didn't help matters but surely nobility and scandal go hand in hand?

Part of me was tempted to continue using my family's name to spite them but in the end I thought it best not to, I'm still a little hopeful that they'll change their minds in a day or two after all. Instead I've taken on the surname of 'Hawkins' for now. 

A rather lovely young man once told me that my eyes reminded him of a hawks', amber, watchful and deep. I just hope my eyes and my wits will serve me well outside the comfort of the family home. I have no idea how the common folk survive day to day but I'd best start learning and quickly.

Father had the staff pack a bag for me before I left, I'd hoped there'd be enough in it to start a new life, or at least my favourite silk undergarnments. But alas, my 'loving' parents have decreed I should learn to appreciate what I had by having it all stripped away. All I have to my name now is a change of clothes, a simple packed lunch, some copper coins (I'd never even touched a copper piece before today!), this journal with a cheap accompanying pen and a dagger. A dagger! What is father expecting to happen?!

No matter what he's thinking I was forced to take my first steps out into the world on my own today. Of course dramatic imperative demanded that it be raining, I make sure that the shirt on my back that I was allowed to keep was my best coat and already it's been soaked through. I'm starting to think Lyssa may be toying with me.

Thankfully a terribly sweet priest of Dwayna took pity on me and let me stay in his house for the night. Unfortunately this means I'm sharing a room for the first time in my entire life.. and I'm sharing it with what appears to be every single sick and injured person from Queensdale and beyond, it's a wonder he manages to fit all of these strays into a home with so few rooms.

Some of the injured here have the look of bandits or cutpurses about them, I shall definitely be sleeping with my bag as my pillow tonight. Seventy-two copper pieces is a paltry enough sum without that being taken from me as well!

OOC: Francis (eventually) completed the human introduction by running in circles, reviving falling seraph and breathing a sigh of relief when another player character came along to defeat the big bad for him. I didn't include this in his journal as I plan not to use any of the personal story, there aren't hundreds of Heroes of Shaemoor afterall (and he really wasn't a hero!). I did however steal the rain from the introduction as the idea of it raining on his first day out on his own amused me.

Currently Francis is a level 2 elementalist completely oblivious to his magical affinity, his one change of clothes is his town clothes and he still has that mighty 72 copper to his name. He's ready to get out there, try to work out how to regain his old life, and of course run away from any sign of a fight!


  1. HA HA brilliant idea :) level up a character without fighting anything!

    looking forward to this one.


  2. LOL keep this updated. Levelling a character without fighting? It seems doable with all the gathering quests etc.

    Would you be able to join a group as a healer then?

    1. Thanks for the comment :)

      In theory he'll be able to tag along and throw healing at people at run around like a big girl every time he gets agro, it'd just be a case of finding people who'd let him do that. Until then it's exploring, gathering, crafting and doing the renown hearts that you can do peacefully (like feeding cows, though I don't think the noble boy will enjoy having to feed cows).