Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The non-adventures of Francis Hawkins

Meet Francis Hawkins, the coward. Starting tomorrow his journals will be appearing on my blog (roughly) every Wednesday. I realise this blog is mostly about money making and similar in GW2 but I am a roleplayer so I feel the need to do these things.

Francis, for reasons that will be detailed in his own words, has been thrust out into Tyria on his own for the first time with very little to his name. He can't fight, he doesn't like the idea of fighting and he has no real practical skills. How will he survive? Will he survive?

These journals will be an in character record of a little out of character experiment, I want to see how much XP Francis can get without fighting (and without me getting bored!). He'll be exploring Tyria as a person and not an adventurer and hopefully his journals will be an amusing read whether you're a roleplayer or not.

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