Saturday, 19 January 2013

Levelling Crafting the Profitable Way, Part 3

After following steps in my previous two entries I've done enough to be at 25 in both of my crafting professions and have 21s 8c, I'm rich! (Well, not as poor as I was!)

At this point you'll start to see that some of your recipes won't give you XP any more. This is a big problem as far as my rank in jeweler was concerned. Here are my recipes as a jeweler:


All greyed out (and ignore the number next to the copper ingot refining, that's just copper in storage and not part of this little crafting experiment). Now I go to GW2Spidy to check my level 25 recipes and see this:


So anything that I make that will progress my level will lose me money no matter what I do, ouch! When I hit stumbling blocks like these I can see why a lot of people see levelling crafting as a bit of a money sink, an endeavor that just eats up their gold and doesn't even say thank you all that often. But if you look past this hurdle you'll see what's beyond. Here are the level 50 jeweler recipes:


Now that looks a lot healthier. All I need to do is be able to afford to get from 25 - 50 and I'll be back on track. This is where levelling two disciplines at once can be handy, the plus sides of one can cover the downfalls of another. And on the plus side some of my level 0 huntsman recipes will still get me XP:


It's all about keep an eye on things and balancing profits and losses when you hit a point like this. Or, if you started off with more seed money, powering through to more profitable grounds!

Additional Tip! Flip the undercutters.

While working on this journal this happened to me:


That's my pistol sat at 1s 20c and it's been vastly undercut by someone else! Ordinarily in this situation I'd go to my handy TPCalc and check the profit potential (in this case 26.7% or 32c). If I weren't doing this whole thing to look into profits on the crafting alone I'd buy the 70c pistol and flip it in a heartbeat!

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