Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Welcome to Golden Griffon Trading.

Welcome to Golden Grifon Trading, home of yet another Guild Wars 2 blog. I've been playing GW2 for several months now and enjoy many aspects of the game, one thing that really drew me in was that I wouldn't have to pay a subscription fee and I'd still get a lot of great content. I'm not the richest person so my glee doubled when I noticed that account perks like extra character slots could be bought using gems. The main way to get gems is to pay real world money for them but there's also a currency exchange where you can swap your ingame gold for gems.

This started my love affair with playing the market, I'd heard people say that some serious gold could be made by playing the Trading Post. Most play the market to get gold for high end gear and similar ingame rewards, but me, I'm a bit of an alt addict, more likely to have scores of lower level characters over focusing on one high level one.

My first step was finding out how to 'play the market', thankfully a quick google search gave me all sorts of returns, blogs, videos and more all offering advice on ways to make money. With time I'll update my blog to detail some of the resources I found and which of them were useful (and which were less than useful). I'll put the ones I found useful up as links over on the right of my blog so anyone can go use them.

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