Sunday, 20 January 2013

Levelling Crafting the Profitable Way, Part 4

Getting through that 25 - 50 gap in jeweller was very painful. It ate almost all of my money and I had to make items that were no longer giving me XP to cover this downfall. Once I hit 50 however my pace merrily picked up with so many profit worthy items I could craft and sell comfortably, before I knew it my level in jeweller was 75 and I continued onwards with ease.

One thing I did discover while crafting and selling was something you'll see crop up from time to time while crafting; immediate, easy money! I was crafting adorned garnets and as I was selling I spotted the highest buyer's offer:

Looking at the numbers requested and the difference between highest buyer and lowest seller this looks like someone wanting to flip the garnets. However I was in need of some immediate funds and I know what it costs me to make an adorned garnet:

42c. So if I make them and sell them immediately I make instant coin! In the end I sold all 175, the filigree went up to 14c a piece but even if I had made all of the jewels for 44c each that would still be a profit of 9s 27c, funds claimed immediately and no risk of anyone undercutting me. My profits would have been more if I'd listed as the lowest seller and waited but that would have left me open to gambling what the demand for the adorned jewels would be.
Besides, my buyer was offline/not near a trading post/crafting the adorned jewels into finished trinkets as I kept an eye on the market and sold a handful more of adorned garnets at a time at the 95c 'lowest seller' price comfortably. Some would argue that I put eventual profit in my buyer's pocket rather than my own but I quite like using this approach, profit is profit and sometimes you just want the immediate satisfaction of a quick sale to the highest buyer.

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