Friday, 18 January 2013

Levelling Crafting the Profitable Way, Part 2

I took my teensy profit made in my previous post and decided to make something else. I went back to GW2Spidy after my a small break and of course prices on things had moved around but I decided I wanted to make an actual usable item this time rather than a crafting component. Mighty Bronze Pistols were less profitable than earlier in the day but still had a decent profit margin so I set to work making one.

Which brings me to my next tip on these things; check the details on the item on GW2Spidy, sometimes it's far cheaper to buy already crafted components than doing it yourself:


I realise I'm doing this to level up my crafting, but buying the pieces saves a lot of money and you do get progression from putting the pieces together. So far I've made and sold a couple of these for a little less profit than the prices above (because of undercutting for quick sale).

I kept making and selling pistols one or two at a time for profits between 25c and 60c a piece depending on rapid swings. I could have listed them all at a higher price in the hopes of getting about 60 every time but this way I kept levelling and there was a little less risk involved. I used my profits to get some cheap copper ore and refine some ingots as well which I left to sell overnight.

An extra tip! Advice on profitworthy items when crafting; items made from recipes from renown vendors tend to give steady profit. This is likely due to there being demand for different looking things (the armour pieces are a really good example of this), the fact some of these items come preloaded with runes and that these aren't readily available recipes for everyone, so there's less supply. To get you started on this the some armour sets are;

     Devout - This is obtained from Vasher Shadowsinner in the Diessa Plateau.
     Shadow - This is obtained from Undercover Agent Tulfar in the Snowden Drifts.
     Bloodsaw - This is obtained from Mara Ripsaw in the Diessa Plateau.
     Iron legion - This is obtained from Gon Rageshot in the Diessa Plateau.

The profit on these isn't as great as it used to be (I did sell several of the shadow sets when it was in lower supply for a good profit a few months back) but it is fairly reliable profit. Most items will net you a few silver so if you just make 1 of each item at a time and only make more when demand is high you can easily make profit measured in gold in relatively short order. I really need to get back to this soon, I just got too heavily into flipping and neglected my poor crafters!

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